I got wasted in the Keys…

not drunk or stoned, but fucked to the max by Alexis Fawx.

As I’ve reported, we’ve had 4-5 great dates…  We guys all know about “clicking”… Alexis and I have… to the extreme.  Maybe she’s a great BSer, but she regularly has screaming (Oooohh Fuck!!!!!) Os that were once a rarity (she says).  And she fits the mold of ladies I love… 5′ – 5’4″, 90 to 100#s and while I thought I preferred blonds, the current ladies are all black or dark brown haired.

J was going to be away the weekend of Sept 25-26, and so I asked A to go the Keys. Yes, she said w/o hesitation.  I booked 2 nights at the very nice Cheeca Lodge, halfway down in Islamorada:    http://www.cheeca.com/

We arrived around 1PM Sat, too early to check in so we went to the famous Islamarada Fish Company for a seafood lunch http://www.fishcompany.com/Page/Our-Story.aspx I love it when my ladies, despite our age differences, initiate and accept PDA.  Counting my two other SBs, I’m lucky to have three such ladies.  A drove a couple of old couples crazy at nearby tables :-)

After lunch we checked into a very nice 1 BR suite with huge tub and shower.  We stripped naked and jumped our mutual bones.  Screamer #1 for A and #1 CIP for me… see pix.

We got in swim suits… A’s a micro type I’d given her, and went to the 1,200′ beach.  While the center area was full of people and kids, the north end was empty so we dragged chairs about 200′ from anyone and sunbathed nude.  Word must have spread, and after an hour, a good natured guard and his associate arrived in a golf cart.  They didn’t say get dressed, but simply asked we cover up if kids came by.   Or, if we wanted to, go to the adult-only lap pool, where our undressed state would be fine.  We decided to check it out.  Perhaps 6 couples were there and all fully dressed.  NBD for A as she took off her top and pranced around with just a G-string.  I’m sure some old ladies wondered what got into their husbands that night… of course, it was visions of Alexis!

Back at the room, screamer # 2 and then off to a very good dinner at the hotel’s resto. Back in the room again, we had each other for dessert and I played some pornos on the BR’s DVD.  Another round or 3 and A had her #3 and I my #2.  We passed out exhausted around 1AM and didn’t wake until 10AM Sunday!

Sunday was more of the same… pool… sex… a screamer… and the cycle again.  She got her 3 for the day, but only 1 for me, but we made up Monday AM with another round with CIP.  I can’t remember everything, but the pix tell part of the story.

I didn’t know if she thought our deal was $500/night or $500/meeting, but since she wants to spend 3-4 days in St Bart soon, I figured I’d better cross that bridge now.  $500 was in the envelope I gave her as we left the Lodge to drive home, and the amount was never mentioned then or later.

Epilogue:I was sick the following Weds thru Sat.  A came Sunday and we had our usual fun.  The next morning I said we had to formalize our arrangement.  We’ve clearly clicked and want to keep seeing each other, but $$ each time was too much like P4P.  I had already said I was getting a phone added to my account for her and I knew her rent was $1,300 and it was due when she moved in later that Monday.  I told her about my other 2 SBs, I and J, as I wanted her to know what she’s getting into.  I proposed the phone + her rent for roughly 1X/week meetings.  As she said Yes, she began crying… tears of joy, she said. I gave her $500 for the night we’d just had, and $1,300 for the month to come.  She was very happy and I felt I’d hit the lottery… such amazing sex!!

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